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We offer reliable, and affordable tree cutting, branch cutting, stump grinding, and tree mulching services in Pasadena, South Pasadena, and Altadena. Proof of our work can be seen on corners in residential neighborhoods in San Marino, and Arcadia too. In fact, you can count on us to deliver the best tree care service in to people all across the San Fernando Valley.

Pasadena Tree Experts

Local Tree Cutting

Tree cutting is a very cost effective and easy to keep trees healthy. Proper knowledge of use of tree cutting techniques promotes tree growth, and reduces the risk of damage from cracked branches and fallen limbs. 

Time and time again, property owners have save thousands of dollars in potential damage by calling on us to cut branches to a manageable length. Branches can get tangled with power lines and create additional hazards. 

Plus, no one wants to be the guy on the block who caused the entire neighborhood to lose power, or start a fire that puts other homes at risk.

Our full scale tree cutting and tree removal services include

  • tree cutting
  • branch cutting
  • tree limb cutting
  • log splitting
  • branch removal
  • shrub removal
  • fire damage removal
  • electrical line clearance
  • storm damage repair
  • storm damage prevention

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