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Crown reduction, or tree crowning, is a technique used to reduce the span of a tree that has grown to be too large for the area where the tree is located. This is the most recommended and trusted method to properly keep trees in shape for the simple reason that it creates a very natural appearance, and gives more time between seasons where crowning should take place. This advanced procedure cuts the end of a branch in such a way that promotes tree growth, without causing unnecessary stress to the tree itself. There are several key points to take into consideration before making any cuts. Branches must meet a certain diameter criteria in order to allow water to reach exterior branches, or the tree will die. Think you need a professional to help you with this process? Call 626-346-2121 and get a free estimate today.

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There is a difference from having a professional tree contractor crown the tops of trees and having someone come out for tree topping.

Topping is the random cutting of branches down to little to stubs too small to grown new vegetation right away. The drawback to this is that you may increase risk of the tree developing issues later on, and those issues if left unchecked can be irreparable.

Because of our expertise and familiarity with different trees and how to crown, thin, or trim trees to manageable conditions, we are sure to leave your trees in better shape than we found them.

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