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Tree cabling is the process of using tethers to secure trees and prevent them from leaning and colliding into other trees or nearby buildings. Tree cabling stimulates proper growth by helping trees stay as straight as possible.
This process can be handled by most property owners, however, we recommend contacting a licensed professional to minimize the risk of cabling a tree in a way that goes against its current growth pattern and ends up creating an eyesore.

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Every location that we visit will receive a general inspection to determine which trees require cabling, what strength of cable to use, where to pivot the cable hooks and where to secure the hooks to the body or branch of the tree. Incorrect placement of cables can result in, at the very least, warped, damaged, and unsightly trees. On a deeper level, we have heard of cases where homeowners took it upon themselves to attempt to secure cables on large trees, and the results were catastrophic to say the least. 

Cables can snap, hooks can dislodge and become lethal weapons when traveling at high rates of speed. We are insured to the teeth, and can cover any and all damages. In our 20 years of business, we have never had to use our insurance due to negligence. 

Not many tree cutting companies in Pasadena can say that. Call around, or stop the shop here. License and insurance information available upon request. Call us at 626-346-2121 ask anything you want to know about our affordable tree cabling services, and let us handle the rest.

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