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Palm Tree Skinning

Palm tree skinning is the process of removing dead, browning leaves from the stalk of the palm tree. While palm tree skinning can be performed as needed, we recommend using a licensed tree cutting professional to keep palm trees looking smooth, healthy and beautiful. Palm trees can be expensive, and it’s an eyesore for us to see any tree that is neglected and improperly maintained. Palm trees are different because of their high cost, and because of the impact that they have on any property.

Pasadena Tree Experts

Tree Care For Palm Trees

Palm tree owners should rely on a certified tree contractor to ensure that their investment is protected from damage, disease and malnutrition. Our sharp eye can detect the level of health of a tree from a mile away. Get the most out of your palm trees and what they can do for your yard by calling Pasadena Tree Experts today.

There are many different types of palm trees from all over the world. Palm trees grow best in environments that mimic their place of origin. The weather in Los Angeles is ideal for palm trees, which is why you see them in billboards, postcards, and advertisements. Having a well manicured, and cleanly trimmed palm tree can make all the difference in the appearance of your lawn, home or business.

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