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We are experts in taking care of trees, plants, shrubs, bushes, and more when it comes to properly protecting them from tree fungal disease, bacterial disease and pest and insect infestation. Whether you decide to treat the trees on your property yourself, or if you choose a certified professional, we recommend at least following a few basic tips that we have listed below.
We take no responsibility for the results if you decide to self treat, but the list below should serve as a rough guide of steps to perform to ensure the impact of the treatment is as effective as possible.
Take precaution when taking steps to rescue properly diagnosed trees and bushes with herbicides and pesticides to fight against fungal, bacterial and insect infestation.
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1) Always utilize the proper safety equipment to protect yourself while applying chemicals.

2) Measure carefully. Make sure to use all of the mix on each spray. Pesticides and herbicides have a limited shelf life, and become ineffective when improperly stored.

3) Not all chemicals can be mixed and sprayed together.

Read all labels carefully and follow instructions for each manufacturer to determine if undesired chemical reactions may occur and end up harming your plants.

4) Timing is everything. Picking the right time of year is important when using disease and pest control methods via chemical treatment.

5) Apply a generous coat of spray to cover all of the leaves and branches of the tree, plant or bush. You want the vegetation completely covered, but not drenched and drowning.

For more detailed information, be sure to reduce your risk of injury by carefully reading the manufacturer instructions for each product.

In order to avoid unnecessary and costly damage to trees and plants in your yard, hire a team of professional tree care professionals. Call Pasadena Tree Service at 626-346-2121 for a free consultation today.

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