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We provide a complete package of tree care services to residential and commercial owners.

Our combination of love and experience for trees and people make us the best choice for Pasadena tree care. Our dedicated team of experts make us the prime selection for tree trimming in Pasadena.

Having your trees serviced by a professional tree cutter offers the best protection against damage to people or property due to falling branches or entire trees. Not only does a properly maintained tree decrease the chance of injury, it also enhances the look of your home.

Large trees can be appealing to the eye. Some trees can reach as high as 40 feet or higher. There is a lot going on in the tree that we do not see on the ground. Unwanted pests can make a home out of your trees and cause thousands of dollars in damage to beautiful Los Angeles homes.

We like to consider the tree services that we offer as our chance to perform as artisans in the garden. We are craftsmen that treat each project as a canvas to create a masterpiece.

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We offer premier tree trimming service in Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley. There are various reasons to have your trees trimmed by a professional.

The most obvious reason is safety. We are state licensed, liability insured, workman’s comp insured, and undergoing constant safety training.

That’s good for us. The added bonus is that your trees will be trimmed in a way that gives new life and pushes trees to grow.

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We provide a complete total package tree service to residential and commercial owners.

Our combination of love and experience for trees and people make us the best. Hands down.

Call our dedicated team of experts make us the best choice for palm tree planting, sycamore planting and liquid amber planting in Pasadena.

Tree Removal

We offer a wide range of tree removal services, tree cutting, land clearing, and stump removal services in Pasadena, Altadena, San Marino and South Pasadena.

You can also see evidence of our work at homes and business in surrounding cities throughout the San Fernando Valley.

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